Not-For-Profit & Association Guidance

Are you a not-for-profit seeking legal counsel in achieving your mission? Are you a neighborhood association or citizen group concerned with the scope of local activities or laws that may impact your community? Are you a land trust in need of guidance on the advancement of land conservation transactions? Barone Law Office is here to help.

We assist numerous not-for-profit entities of various sizes and focuses on addressing environmental concerns locally, regionally and statewide. Our attorneys provide assistance with an assortment of operational and transactional matters, environmental litigation and advocacy. We can help you in:

  • Addressing local laws and projects before municipal boards or officials (e.g., zoning and planning boards, building inspectors, town assessors);
  • Facilitating real estate transactions, land conservation, conveyance of conservation easements and other land trust transactional dealings, as well as addressing related environmental legal issues;
  • Managing administrative issues and proceedings before state agencies, including the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Public Service Commission, and the Joint Commission on Public Ethics; and
  • Filing the proper legal challenge to government agencies and entities in the most efficient, appropriate, and responsible manner.

At Barone Law Office, we are familiar with the unique needs facing those seeking to preserve and protect the rights and interests of the community, and pride ourselves on developing cost-effective approaches to addressing those issues.

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